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(Computer specialist)Aries:William "Wild Bill" Overbeck (Commander)Julie
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house which yoga is possible for an Aries-born only A person becomes a
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corresponds with Capricorn , and into
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| Capricorn One (1978), film/novel | Capricorn
It is called Meshādi or the "start of Aries "
modeled after the Libra, Scorpion, and Capricorn Gold Cloths
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162 KB (27,204 words) - 09:02, 3 October 2013 Zodiarts (section Capricorn) Aries: Tatsumori Yamada | 山田 竜守 | Yamada Tatsumori is a transfer student at SBHS who is originally
When carrying out solo missions, he often gets tagged along with Kisanta
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Aries Shion dispatches Teneo to investigate suspicious activity in Mount Etna, related to the devastating
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Saint again, by teleporting the Virgo , Scorpio , Taurus , Aquarius and Capricorn Saints into the Time Labyrinth to fight the Titans
Month names: Māgha (Makara-Kumbha),(Capricorn-Aquarius) Phālguna
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